Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy National Iced Tea Day, y'all!

Today, June 10th, is National Iced Tea Day. Yes, it's an actual holiday with celebrations and freebies. Who knew, right?

Summerville, South Carolina has long billed itself as the birthplace of sweet tea. Today, they're celebrating by going for a world record for the largest sweet tea. Wow! When they're finished, it will measure 1,400 gallons of sweet tea made with 200 pounds of tea leaves from the Charleston Tea Plantation, 2,800 pounds of ice and 2,100 pounds of Dixie Crystals Sugar. Now that's my kind of world record! Read more about Summerville's supersized sweet tea here.

NPR has more information on the history of tea in America. It seems that in the past, many teas were spiked with alcohol, quite unlike the teas we usually drink today. According to them, about 85% of tea imbibed in the United States today is iced tea. They didn't give any statistics on the percentage of sweet tea vs unsweetened tea consumed. Read more about it at NPR's website here.

International Business Times has some freebies for National Iced Tea Day listed here. Enjoy some free iced tea today!

To go along with Summerville's sweet tea, I'm offering you lemon and orange slices for your digital designs.  These are for personal use only, please. Just right click and save.

Y'all enjoy! And while you're sipping on that delicious free iced tea and playing with my free fruit slices, please like my Facebook page here. I'll be posting some exclusive Facebook only freebies for my fans next week. You won't want to miss them! 

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