Saturday, April 27, 2013

Over The Hill Birthday Kit - PI-I April Challenge

April's PhotoImpact International Forums scrapbook challenge was to create an Over The Hill birthday themed scrapbook kit. Cindy, the moderator, chose a color scheme with blue, purple, orange, red, yellow, white and black. I added a medium grey so I could add some metallic elements to the kit.

My challenge was to create my kit without showing off my smart aleck side. I can think of a bazillion sarcastic sayings about being over the hill, but I don't want to offend people. Hey, I actually want you to use the kit and enjoy it.

So, I tried to keep my kit on the straight and narrow, safe for all ages and not add the snarky elements, papers and sayings that were swirling around in my mind. I hope someone "gets" my recycling elements. My dad had a t-shirt that he loved to wear that said "Recycled Teenager."

Let me know if you would be interested in a set of adult sippy cup elements. I added one in this kit, along with one black wine glass covered with multicolored stars. I'm also thinking about an add-on set of buttons with more sayings, still keeping them family rated. Interested?

Papers from   4shared   dropbox  
Elements from  4shared  dropbox
Tiles/Patterns from  4shared  dropbox

Please leave a comment for me if you download the kit. Let me know what you think of the kit. Definitely say something if you have problems with any of the files, papers, tiles or elements. I'm still learning to QC and I'm only human. I'm on the look out for some creative team members to help me QC and make some tags or layouts with my kits. Interested?

Some people have asked me what the tiles are used for. The PhotoImpact International world calls them tiles or fills, and uses them to add patterns or textures to shapes, or to make papers. You can use them as patterns or textures in PaintShop Pro.

You can find the PhotoImpact International site here. It's free to join the forums. It's not just for PhotoImpact either. There is a forum section devoted to PhotoShop and PhotoShop Elements. Many of the participants also use PaintShop Pro to create their designs. Try them out! And if you do join, stop by the scrapbooking forum and say "Hi!." We'd love to see your creations.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fit for Your Little Princess - Free Digital Scrapbook Kit

March 2013's create a kit challenge theme on the PhotoImpact International scrapbook forum was The Little Princess. Being a princess myself, it wasn't hard to come up with elements for the kit. The oh so difficult part was editing all of the elements I created into a cohesive kit!

As my first cousin's son and his wife just welcomed their first child, a beautiful daughter, into the world in early March, this themed challenge couldn't have come at a better time. We're all so excited about the newest addition to our family and so happy for them.

If you use PhotoImpact, I highly suggest you join us on the forums. We even have a forum devoted to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements! Click here to join.

Please leave a comment if you download.

Click here to download from 4Shared
Click here to download from Dropbox.

Pattern Tiles
Click here to download from 4 Shared
Click here to download from Dropbox

Click here to download from 4 Shared
Click here to download from Dropbox

Enjoy! If you create scrapbook pages or layouts for your little princess, I'd love to see them.